St. Paul Institute for Ministry Studies

We aim for professional expansion, that’s why we wish that our school would grow to be an internationally accredited institute.


Why Choose Us


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Spread the Light to all nations and ignite the spirits, minds and hearts with the fire of a loving knowledge of God.

Our Vision


Our Mission



Attending programs

SPIMS provide long courses, studying days and seminars on campus, we have classrooms designed on the latest interactive setup, to enable communication and interaction between students during the workshops. A modern coffee break corner to enjoy your breaks. Courses are scheduled in a convenient timetable, either afternoon classes on week days or weekend classes.

Online programs

SPIMS provide online courses, studying days and seminars as well as Diploma, students can now attend class from the comfort of their homes. We have our The virtual classroom on our LMS, through which students can have a flexible schedule moreover it can be accessed anywhere and at any time.


SPIMS has both physical and virtual library, our on-campus library is rich with books, encyclopedia’s, maps on different languages, internet connection to facilitate searching, and electricity cables for using your laptops as well as Library PC. Setup enables quiet comfortable reading and searching environment.

Tuck shop and Pergola

SPIMS has a Tuck shop and an open area with pergola designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment, members can enjoy quiet time, reading or having small gathering in a safe, warm and cozy place.



Coptic Church


St. Mark Church