What is Catechesis?

SPIMS offers Catechesis Certificate. An academic program that provides catechumens students knowledge in the Orthodox Faith.

Subject Based Program

This program consists of 6 subjects.

Designed to Offer

Catechesis is designed to offer a general introductory level to the Orthodox Faith.

What is Coptic DOME??

SPIMS offers Coptic DOME. An academic program that provides students a Diploma degree in Orthodox Theology.

Credits program

Coptic DOME is a 24 Credits program (8 Courses 3 Credits each)

Designed to offer

Coptic DOME is designed to offer a general introduction to Orthodox theology.

Graduate level study

Through the introductory graduate level study of Dogmatics, Biblical Studies, Liturgical Studies, Church History and other elective subjects according to the service needs and field of ministry requirement.

First degree in theology

Coptic DOME is considered a first degree in theology, from which a student could advance to further Divinity degrees

What is needed?


  • Application
  • ID or Passport Copy or birth certificate
  • Personal Photo
  • Application Fees: Free
  • Tuition Fees ( 10 USD or 300 EGP per Course)