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الدبلومة القبطية للخدمة والكرازة الأرثوذكسية

What is Coptic DOME??

SPIMS offers Coptic DOME. An academic program that provides students a Diploma degree in Orthodox Theology.

Credits program

Coptic DOME is a 24 Credits program

(8 Courses 3 Credits each)

Graduate level study

Through the introductory graduate level study of Dogmatics, Biblical Studies, Liturgical Studies, Church History and other elective subjects according to the service needs and field of ministry requirement.

Designed to offer

Coptic DOME is designed to offer a general introduction to Orthodox theology.

First degree in theology

Coptic DOME is considered a first degree in theology, from which a student could advance to further Divinity degrees




Co- requisites

Research Methodology (مناهج البحث) (3 credits) – Code: SPIMS2001
English placement test will be available during each semester. (0 credits)

Passing this test (EPT) is a prerequisite to enrol in English as a
Preaching Language (EPL) and to acquire your DOME certificate.


Compulsory Subjects

Dogmatics ( العقيدة) (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3061
Methodology of St Paul Epistles (منهجية رسائل القديس بولس الرسول) (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3021
ASK Apologetics (الدفاعيات) (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3051

Elective Subjects

Introduction to Church History (مقدمة فى تاريخ الكنيسة) (3 Credits) – Code:SPIMS3071
Liturgical History (تاريخ الطقوس) (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3072
Mission Theology (لاهوت كرازي) (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3091
English as a Preaching Language (الانجليزية كلغة للكرازة) (EPL) (3 credits) – Code: SPIMS3011
Community Development (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3082
Christian Life Coaching (التدريب الحياتى لخدمة الكرازة) (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3092
“THE TRICKS OF THE TRADE”: Teaching for Evangelism (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3093
Christian Faith ايمان مسيحي (3 Credits) – Code: SPIMS3062


ID or Passport Copy ( الرقم القومى/ جواز السفر)
Personal Photo (صورة شخصية)
Scan of Original Graduation Certificate or Original Transcript (English or Arabic) (صورة من اصل شهادة التخرج او بيان الدرجات)
Updated Resume (السيرة الذاتية)
2 Recommendation Letters
1- Spiritual Recommendation ( جواب تزكية روحية (من اب الاعتراف))
2 – Academic Recommendation (جواب تزكية أكاديمية)
Application Fees (رسوم التسجيل) 100 EGP (Paid once, Non Refundable)
Tuition Fees ( 500 EGP per Course, Per semester)
Technology fee ( 300 EGP per semester)

Post Admission and Acceptance Steps:

Post Admission and Acceptance Steps

  • You receive your acceptance email.
  • You will be added to the Institute learning management system (LMS)
  • You will receive a registration email.
  • Upon registration, you will choose courses on our LMS
  • Maximum 3 chosen courses per semester.

    بمجرد تلقي رسالة القبول على بريدك الإلكترونى سيتم اضافتك على المنصة الدراسية الخاصة بالمعهد، الرجاء اتمام التسجيل في الفصل الدراسي المتاح. عند التسجيل ، ستختار الدورة / الدورات التى ترغب فى دراستها على المنصة



    I find difficulties in uploading my personal photo?

    The best format for uploading is PDF

    Is Coptic DOME available to study in Arabic language?

    Studying requires the usage of the Arabic language except for EPL.

    When is it expected to receive the acceptance email?

    After 10 working days of payment of application fees (LE.100).
    If you don’t pay before the deadline then your application process will be declined.
    Always check your junk/spam emails.

    How to choose the suitable subject between the 5 electives ones?

    The content of each subject will be sent after the committee has finished reviewing the students’ applications

    I find it difficult to reach my father of confession in order to sign the recommendation letter?

    The priest is able to write and sign the answer, then he can send it on your WhatsApp or email

    I am not able to pay through the website, is there any other option to pay the diploma fees?

    Please try again using the online website tool, and also note that if you don’t have a credit/debit card. EasyKash offers Fawry to pay.
    1- Choose EasyKash
    2-Click Fawry.
    3- Enter your mobile number & email.
    NB: Enter your name as it is written in our Learning Management System.
    4- Fawry will send you a code that is used to complete your payment using Fawry hardware.
    5-Screenshot your proof of payment & keep it as a reference.

    EasyKash also offers credit/debit cards, Meeza Card, Mobile Wallet!

    And if the error repeats, you can pay on our premises: 21 Abdel hay Fathy- el Higaz Square, beside Gad restaurant, from 10 AM to 3 PM, from Sunday to Friday.

    In case you live abroad and You face difficulty in paying, please contact us via Whatsapp


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